Fred is passionate about empowering teens
and young adults to love themselves and others.

Fred is a Speaker, High School Soccer Coach, and Student Success Agent who believes in the power of acknowledgement.
In seventh grade, he was bullied to the point of taking his own life, but joined an amazing student council where he heard a speaker who helped spark a change in his attitude toward the people bullying him.
Instead of trying to fight back, Fred said, "If you need anything, let me know."
The bullying ended soon after.






Since seventh grade, he has focused on increasing community within the schools he was attending. He led his student council in ninth grade and was class president his senior year of high school. He started doing activities for students every Monday in high school such as "Trivia-Monday", "Life-Saver Monday", and "Selfie-Monday" to help build fellowship between his peers. In college, he was a Resident Assistant that focused on building community through events and connecting in the lunch room. He created a table where he would invite people sitting by themselves or in small groups to come join him. The group caught on and eventually grew to have over 50 members.
He called it the Table of Love (above left).
Fred is thankful that he was taught the power of acknowledgement
and would now like to return the favor and help others find their own
Table of Love.