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In today’s episode, I explain how change really occurs when you allow yourself to break out of reality. Don’t put yourself in a box, you are capable of great things. Podcasts mentioned: Motivational Millennial– Ivy LaClair and Blake Brandes The Quote of the Day Show– Sean Croxton Website: www.fredmotivates.com Twitter/Instagram: @tableofluv Facebook/YouTube: Fred Motivates

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In this episode I discuss flipping eggs without breaking the yolk, “The New Toughness Training for Sports”, and what I look for in a player at tryouts. Website: www.fredmotivates.com Twitter/Instagram: @tableofluv YouTube/Facebook: Fred Motivates

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Today I have been struggling with self-doubt. In this episode I explore this feeling and discuss the reasons behind it and strategies I use to cope. I hope it can bring some value to your life. If you have strategies of your own, let me know! Also, if you would like to have an article…

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My freshman year of college, I started a small WordPress blog called “The Fred Times” in which I gave thoughts and challenges every Monday to help readers start their week off on a solid, focused, and motivated note. Now that I have a daily podcast, YouTube channel, and numerous other places where I post content,…

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The new demo video is here! I would love to speak to your school or student organization and am willing to work with any budget. I am committed to to crafting better leaders, serving high school students, and reducing bullying, depression, and the things surrounding those subjects. Send me a message on the contact form…

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Fred spoke to Wichita Police about asking for help and acknowledgement at the 2018 Coffee With A Cop Awards Ceremony. Facebook: www.facebook.com/fredmotivates Instagram/Twitter: @tableofluv YouTube: Fred Motivates