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Today’s Guests:
Dontay Hampton and Logan King Taylor

*Show Note:  The guys are from Chattanooga, TN, not California as mentioned in the intro. My apologies.

Dontay Hampton:

Dontay Hampton is a Chattanooga native and a 2008 graduate of CSAS. He followed up by walking on at UTC before earning a basketball scholarship his sophomore year. Dontay finished up with two degrees in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Dontay’s enthusiasm for the community and youth began simply by taking care of his brother at a very early age and overcoming poverty with an absent father in his life. He is one of the many success stories to battle adversity & show you can be effective in Chattanooga.

“Control your destiny” “Trust the Process” are two phrases you often hear when Dontay is speaking to audiences & peers around the world. His aspirations are to help people find their purpose and be successful at their interests. Dontay is the president of a nonprofit organization; YBNormal?! as well as the head assistant basketball coach of Tyner HS.

Dontay’s organization has hosted many events through the city with Cut the Hate Share the Love. This annual event provides clothing, food, general care to the Chattanooga homeless and poverty population. Dontay has helped countless youth and been involved throughout the community.

Dontay dedicates his focus and determination to his mentors, family, friends, and life experiences. In his spare time, Dontay enjoys playing basketball, traveling, and simply creating new memories.

Dontay lives his life by holding yourself accountable and controlling your destiny.

Logan King Taylor:

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love.”
~ Anonymous

Logan Taylor is a Chattanooga native and a 2006 graduate of Tyner Academy. Logan’s passion for youth and young adults began at an early age influenced by his own upbringing. Logan carries a special place in his heart for poverty stricken families. He himself is a product of low-income housing and welfare. Logan’s grandmother raised him majority of his formative years due to an absentee father and a inconsistent mother.

What is your why? What is your purpose?  These two questions can often be heard when Logan is speaking to audiences around the world. His desire is for people to do self checks to ensure they are maximizing their full potential. Logan is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization; Y.B.Normal?! Logan’s nonprofit host several events throughout the year but the one he is most proud of is: Cut the Hate Share the Love. This annual event provides clothing, food, and general care to the Chattanooga homeless and poverty population. New Year’s day 2017,  Logan scouted throughout the city of Chattanooga for individuals in need, delivering over seventy (70) pair of gently used shoes.

Logan contributes his focus and drive to his family, extended family/friends and local community. Logan is married to the wonderful April Taylor. He is the proud father of six (6) children. In his downtime, Logan enjoys traveling and staying current on the latest men’s fashion.

Logan lives his life by the proverb, Y.B.Normal?, when you can be extraordinary!

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